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Campus Management System



A) Academic Management : Institutions details, Academic Year Details, Academic Calendar, Announcements, Notices.

B) Programme Management : Dynamic facility to set up streams , programmes,

Programme details, courses, course details etc

C) Choice Based Credit Semester System :

Ø Features of Choice based Credit Semester System and Grading System for UG and PG is incorporated.

Ø Features of CCSS – Dynamic facility to setup programmes with credits, courses with credits and facility to define open courses, complementary courses and core courses.

Ø Allotment of Courses ( Open and Elective) to individual students. o Facility to Consolidate Programme from CE (Internal - ContinuousEvaluation) and ESE (External - End Semester Evaluation).

Ø Facility to Consolidate SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) for each Student.

Ø Facility to Consolidate CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) for each Student.

C) Student Management

Ø Multiyear Record Keeping system

Ø Admission Process

Ø Normal Roll: Facility to generate & assign classbased Nominal Roll, promotions,
Shifting class

Ø classwise student details including academic, personal, familial, etc.

Ø Coursewise student strength

Ø Course and students Category wise student’s strength report

Ø Courses – Main and subsidiaries with Students’ strength

Ø Monthly Strength report, customized students strength report

Ø Second language wise students strength report

Ø Search option by Admission Number, Roll Number, Name & class wise

Ø TC issue and TC register

Ø Incidents, Abilities, Achievements, Activities and Hobbies recording.

Ø Blood group register and Incidents reports.

Ø Previous Qualifications and Institutions detail


Ø Simple and easy Attendance entry.

Ø Daily Attendance register.

Ø Individual Attendance report in a date range.

Ø Monthly attendance register

Ø Yearly individual & class wise summary report.

Ø Attendance shortage list.

Ø Message system (SMS / Email) on attendance shortage to students and parents


Ø Assigning various subject papers for classes

Ø Elective subject settings for individual students , Open & Elective courses

Ø Grouping of subjects into Part I, Part II, Part III, etc.

Ø Grouping Of Courses as open, complementary and Core Courses

Ø Division of courses into components like theory, practical, etc.

Ø Separate mark settings for components.

Ø Separate Mark/Grade settings for course components

Ø Facility to define different types of examinations.

Ø Manage CE & TE Examination Marks.

Ø Examination fee collection module

Ø Examination Fee Register

Ø Marks/ Grade entry provision at Subject component level.

Ø Score sheets of Individual students (CE & TE)

Ø Class wise mark list preparation.

Ø Consolidated score sheets.

Ø Paper wise score sheets for each class


Ø Semester / year wise syllabus setting based on the programme specialization

Ø Uploading of syllabus


The Time Table module is the schedule for colleges and similar educational institutes.

Time table module checks the class duration, faculty availability, student’s timing and

facilities at present. To prepare time table module, one need to update the basic
information in the system and Time table gets set. It varies depending upon the basic

information uploaded. It can be modified and edited by just changing the detail of basic information.

Features of Time Table Module

  • Authorized staff can access.
  • Easy creation of time table

· Time to time re-arrangement can be done.

· Preferred center, Optimization of staff

· Flexibility to add time table weekly or monthly or semester wise

-Generate alerts

· Avoid conflicts in timings

. Facility to select learning/working days

Automatic and Manual timetable generation, Dynamic timetable generation, Work adjustment timetable, Day and Period settings. Daily time table, class and staff time table, time table reports.


Placement is the most crucial activity of all institution. This module helps to handle all these activities easily. Placement determines the reputation and ranking of the institution. The institution has tremendous responsibility in terms of good placement for their students. The placement module very efficiently handles everything and reduces the pressure of institutions.

Features of Module

o Create Placement Cell and Members

o Track and Manage Placement process of each Job Posting individually
o Authenticate and activate the student profiles

o Manage Company Profiles (Add/ delete/ modify )
o Manage Job Postings (Add/ publish / delete)

o Send Notifications to students

o Create shortlist of students as per HR Manager(s) Job Request

o Email shortlisted students details with/without resume to HR Manager
o Export data of shortlisted students to excel file based on Search Criteria
o Manage student profile (Flexibility to Hide/Unhide students already


o Set preferences for student eligibility criteria for placement o Time & Role Based Secured Access to Students

o Time & Role Based Secured Access to Placement Team


Daily fee collection register, DCB Statement (Demand Collection Balance report).Fee demanding facility by Accrual system, Class wise, student wise, and item wise. Class wise, student wise and item wise demand register. Class wise, student wise and item wise collection register. Class wise, student wise, and item wise consolidated collection register. Receipt printing Defaulters register, fee chart settings, installment handling.


Staff Attendance Management, Leave Management, Loan

Management, Allowances and Deductions (PF, Insurance, HR…), Over Time Management, Pay slip Generation, Salary slip & Reports.


Student , Parent and Administrator can evaluate staff. Evaluation process, Evaluation keys, Evaluation items, Evaluation questions, Evaluat Performance status, evaluated details, evaluation settings

Item wise and consolidated register, Ledger keeping and Reporting, Journal Voucher Entry, Cash Receipt/Payment Voucher, Bank Receipt/Payment Voucher, Debit Note/Credit Note Voucher/Year End Process and Year Close. Access Privilege and Security at the highest level, Financial Year Specification, Bank Reconciliation entry, Trial Balance, Receivable and Payable Account, Income & Expenditure, Receipt and Payment, Balance Sheet, Schedule of Balance Sheet

11-P O R T A L S

Includes Staff Profile, Dash board, Student Attendance entry or Absent Entry, Students Examination Mark Entry (both internal and external , internal including different type of assessments).

Attendance, Examination reports of students, Progress reports. Students Evaluation. Students Leave approval. Uploading Facility for Syllabus, Question Papers, Documents etc. Mail facility between students and parents.

Parent Portal (including sibling facility)

Students profile view, Examination details view(including internal and external), Attendance details view, Fee details view, Staff evaluation form, Announcement and notices view, Syllabus and question papers view, Mail facility to staff,

Time table view, Graphical and statically represented Reports.

Students profile

Uploading facility for extracurricular activity like Articles painting , poem,….etc. Students profile view, Examination details view(including internal and external), Attendance details view, Fee details view, Staff evaluation form, Announcement and notices view, Syllabus and question papers view, Mail facility to staff, Time table view, Graphical and statically represented Reports.



The details are still to get, the value will be able to quote only after studying the work volume

Terms & Conditions:

1- Payment Term: 75% of the amount with work order & balance after successful installation.

2- Additional customization work will be chargeable extra as per the volume of work.

3- One Year Free Service will be provided and Annual Maintenance Contract may be achieved thereafter.

4- The concerned Staffs will be trained by our professionals.

5- The software will be designed to work with the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

6- Operating system and Hardware are not the part of the offer.

7- The back-end (Database Management System) we provide with the application will be Microsoft Data Engine of Microsoft SQL Server

8- The number of client machines that can be added to the Server system that runs the software depends upon the Operating System and the Database Management System; therefore it is the responsibility of the user to upgrade their operating system and database server according to their needs.

9- Validity of this quotation ends two months from above date.