Digital Library Management System

LearnSoft Library Management System is multi-user, multi-tasking integrated library management software working either on a single machine or in a client-server multi-platform environment. LEARNSOFT helps you catalogue books, films, sound recordings, drawings, clippings, articles, reports, letters, pamphlets, serials publications etc. LEARNSOFT cataloguing adheres to popular international standards. You can share data with others effectively. Retrieval of the data is simple, fast and efficient. LEARNSOFT can be configured for your specific requirements by choosing one or more of these modules. LEARNSOFT works just as well on a stand-alone machine as it does in a network of computers. Your library can be browsed through the Internet / Intranet. LEARNSOFT is versatile software used by varied types of libraries such as: University libraries, Software houses, Research institutes, Engineering firms, Financial institutions, Public libraries, Corporate libraries, Schools or Colleges, and Individuals’ collection with the following features.