School management system
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School Management System


Major Modules

Sub Modules

Basic Price in Rs


Academic and Administration module

Registration & Admission Process

Student File maintenance and academic administration

Examination & result analysis

Attendance Management system

Class Promotions and Shifting

Time table and work adjustment system

Work sheet , assignment and related customization and question paper management system

Incident documenting system

Curricular and co- curricular activities

Management information system

SMS, Email facility

More than 150 reports


Fee management system with an offline system

Designed to dynamically set fee structures as and when needed, system follows accrual method. More than 20 reports of different types available. Integrated with accounting module, student, staff (HR) and transport module


Transportation management system

Vehicle Finance, maintenance, driver management system Integrated with accounting module and fee module


Integrated Financial accounting system

Full fledged accounting module income over expenditure statement and Balance sheet with schedules


Parent Login

Parent login facility to get parent services from the system


Teacher login

Teacher login facility to get teacher services from the system


Student login

Student login facility to get student services from


   Mandatory module

Total project cost in Rs


Online Campus - Web Based School Automation Software(Include System study, Design, Development & Integration)


Software Installation & Training


Onsite & Online Support (12 Months)


Hosting Space 2 GB with Domain for 1 Year (Yearly Renewal)


Optional module

Payment Terms

- Initial payment 50 % upon the order for the module opted.

- The modules opted as calculated from the breakup prices for the module.

- Final Payment 50 % on implementation and Training - Functional Level

A/c Details :

A/c Name: Logiciel Software Tech P Ltd.Bank details will be furnished upon request.

Software Warranty and Support

The deployed software will be provided with a 1 year warranty period. Warranty starts next day the acceptance testing on customized module completed by users in the application. During the warranty period if the deployed software is not performing in accordance with functional requirements it will be rectified without any additional cost. Any major enhancements or changes will not be part of the warranty and will be managed through the change management process.


The software will be installed in the server space given by the school and any one, with an Internet connection and proper user rights, can access the software. Installation of different modules will be on a hierarchical basis to ensure the data flow and connectivity between different modules. The order of installation of various modules is shown in the table below.





Academic and Administration Module (online)

1st week


Fee management system with an offline system

4th week

5th week

Accounting module

5th week

6th week

Transportation management

6th week

6th week

Store (inventory module)

7th week

7th week

Library module

8th week

8th week

Student login services

8th week

8th week

Parent login services

8th week

8th week

Teacher login services

8th week

8th week


8th week

12th week

Data Entry

School has to arrange staff for data entry. If soft copy of data is available, we shall convert the data programmatically in to the system avoiding data entry in most cases if data available in Excel File.


Since the User Interface of the software follow a common design philosophy, understanding of the operation will be very easy. Training will just follow the installation and your staff may be made available for training and data entry. Duration of training and the respective staff required is shown in the training schedule below.





Academic (Student) Module

Administrative staffs and IT administrator

30 Hrs

The staff copy of student data has to be provided

Accounting Module

Staffs of accounting department and IT administrator

20 Hrs

The staff copy of chart of accounts and previous year’s trial balance has to be provided.

Fees and payroll

Accountants and office staff and IT administrator

20 Hrs

Staff copy of fee chart , staff details and pay structure has to be provided.

Store and library

Library staff and store keeper and IT administrator

30 Hrs

Staff copy of list of books with accession no has to be provided.

Student services

IT administrator

5 Hrs

IT administrator can explain the system later to the students.

Parent Services

IT administrator

5 Hrs

IT Administrator can explain the system later to the parents.

Teacher Services

IT administrator

10 Hrs

IT Administrator can explain the system later to the teachers.

Annual Maintenance Contract

On completion of one year free support system can be maintained with (Annual Maintenance Contract) for one year likely 18% of the total project cost in which we will install updates and minor changes without additional charges.

Support Timing and Priority


Response Time (Work around)


2 to 4 Hours


4 to 48 Hours


3 to 7 Days

The above support will be available during office hours (8.00 AM to 6.00 PM)

School's Responsibilities & Deliverables

* Ensure the required user groups, staff, infrastructure and other relevant inputs are available during the onsite visits by Logiciel.

* Provide maximum functional details of the departments.

* Furnish if any organizational policies document related to software vendor

* Identify End-user and Management staff for the User training.

* Identify a Key user for Knowledge Transfer to and fro

* Timely response and approvals (12 to 24 hours turn-around time) to the queries from Logiciel to avoid the schedule slippage

* Timely approvals and sign-offs of the deliverables.

Logiciel Responsibilities & Deliverables

* Allocating the Installation and training resources within two week time on the approval and receipt of purchase order with payment.

* Once in a week status updates to School’s Key person by visit from Logiciel and subsequently through email and telephone calls

* User Training and Support in approved contract period

Terms and Conditions:

* The software basic module will be delivered within 15 days from the date of confirmation of the order

* Operating system and Hardware are not the part of the offer.

* Validity of this proposal ends two months from above date.

* This proposal is meant only for one installation and the prices quoted above are for the software license for perpetual use.


We can understand your concern in ensuring the highest possible talent, experience and price-competitiveness for this project. We have impressive track record in delivering technically complex projects. We are confident of delivering the same high standards of quality and execution excellence to you. Hope the above will be to your satisfaction and lead us further with the projects and better business relationship.